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total awesome


hey yall.

been playin this game for just over 3 years, and i have to say, after many years.

i watched ur vid on the funeral bombing on youtube around the time i started, and tbh its why i took it up. unfortunately it wasn't as depicted in ur brilliant film.

we need more peeps like u playing.

looking for a spot with ppl with this sorta fun + plus raid, can join on any form of shammy,pally.warrior or mage.

either way if i dont cop an email from u guys, know that i think that the shit u did was awesome, smash care bears ftw.

keep it up.

put another vid out soon.

btw was tank/heals for strict tens guild ranked in top 50 US / top 100 world on pally. we coulda done alot better with the right ppl but u know how it is.

all the best.


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