Author Topic: Neutronix -80 Destruction Warlock  (Read 6221 times)


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Neutronix -80 Destruction Warlock
« on: February 28, 2010, 06:38:42 PM »
1.  What is your gender, age, and real first name?
male, 18, Shane

2.  What is the name, class, level, and spec of your main and Armory Link. Please also list any alts you frequently play.
Neutronix, warlock, 80, destruction -
ALT-Imperion, paladin, 80, MS-ret, OS-prot -
ALT-Freezorburnd,mage, 80, arcane - just hit 80 4 days ago

I also have an 80 hunter, DK and druid on another server that are around 4k gs

3.  Give us an idea of your prior raid experience in WoW.
I started playing this game right before sunwell came out. IN BC I raided up to TK and did not do much T6 content. In WOTLK I have downed up to TOC25 not including heroic version. I have also downed the first 6 bosses in ICC10 and the first 4 in ICC 25.

4.  Please list your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them.  If you'd prefer to keep the reasons private, please PM the reasons to one of our officers.
I was in Relapse on Malganis but it broke up. Then I was in Ten Thousand Days. I left that guild to come to Illidan to play with friends where I joined Heal The Mages. My reason for leaving them is that the guild had problems with attendance and I was advised by other guildies to apply here.

5.  Please list any members of Serenity Now that you know.
I know that you have just accepted Minute(mage) today and I know other people such as Mirando are applying to the guild tonight.

6. Computer Hardware and Connection.

a. Processor: Intel Core2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.0 GHz
b. System Ram: 4GB
c. Video Card: Nvidia 9600m GT
d. Connection:
or 6.03 Mbps

e. How stable is your internet? Does it disconnect you a lot, or hardly ever? Hardly Ever

7.  Do you have a microphone to talk on Ventrilo?

8.  Can you make all of the following raid times, invites usually go out at 7:00 PM CST (Server Time) with the first pull at 7:30 PM CST. (Our raids generally last 3-4 hours)? Yes

7:30 PM CST Monday
7:30 PM CST Tuesday
7:30 PM CST Thursday

9.  If you could describe yourself in 3 expletives, what would they be?  If you don't know what an expletive is, look it up.  Friendly, dedicated, and prepared are not expletives.
-loud mouthed
-annoying at times
-occasional nerd rager