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Classes Needed

Druid - Closed
Hunter - Closed
Mage - Closed
Paladin - Closed
Priest - Closed
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Closed
Warlock - Closed
Warrior - Closed
Death Knight - Closed

* Definition of exceptional - TOC25+ gear  and the skill to use it properly.
* Definition of part time - you want to raid less than the required/requested times as listed, don't mind sitting on the wait list, pretty much people with lives who still don't suck.

Application Information

* About SN
* Application Requirements
* The Application Process
* App Template

About SN
Serenity Now is a day one three end-game raiding guild on the Illidan server in World of Warcraft.  Our primary goal is to have fun while continuing to progress through end-game content.  We are a very laid-back guild, but we are certainly not for everyone.  Our goal is to put fun first.  We place almost no restrictions on members outside of raid times, and we like to fuck around in content we have on farm.

Application Requirements

* You must be level 80 in order for us to consider your application. Only exception is if you have contacted a officer about applying.
* You should be able to consistently make all of our raid times and be able to stay for the entire raid. Raids generally last until 11:00PM CST.
* 7:30 PM CST Monday
* 7:30 PM CST Tuesday
* 7:30 PM CST Thursday
* You need to be able to check the forums daily.  Most of our announcements are made in the forums, and not knowing what's going on can easily cost you your raid spot.  Frequent posting isn't necessary, but it's certainly a plus.
* Your gear needs to be appropriate for our progression level.
* We require all raid members to be on Ventrilo during raids.  You must be able to both listen AND speak on vent.  If you don't have a mic, get one.  Communication is important - nobody likes wiping because the guy without the mic wasn't able to call something out.
* If you're on another server, you need to transfer your character if we decide to accept you as an applicant.  This does NOT guarantee that you will become a member, it simply means that we need your class and your gear is of acceptable level.
* Have a thick skin.  We say things you wouldn’t want mommy and daddy to see.  If you are offended by anything at all, then you will probably find us offensive.  You will probably be called things such as "terrible" and "stupid" at some point during your app process.  This is normal, and we don't necessarily think you're terrible or stupid.  If you don't think you can handle it, don't apply.
* This is not a democracy.  We value your input, but we will run the guild as we see fit.  If you have suggestions, complaints, or any other concerns, please speak with an officer during non-raid times or send an officer a PM on the forums.  You are expected to do what is requested of you.  If you want to be in charge, make your own guild.
* You must be applied exclusively to SN.  If we find that you have active applications to other guilds, we will close your app.
* We use a DKP system to distribute loot.  Its a no-minimum open-bid DKP system.  If you don't like it, it won't be changing, so this may not be the guild for you.  Feel free to ask for more details about it.
* You are expected to come prepared to raids.  This means you have an adequate number of consumables, are fully repaired, and have read up on the encounters we are working on.

The Application Process

* Read all the posts in this thread to make sure you meet our requirements.
* Copy and paste the application template at the end of this thread into a new thread.  We won't read your app if the questions aren't there.  The title of your new thread should contain your character name, level, and class/spec.  Example:  Martel - 80 Prot Paladin.
* Answer every question on the template.
* Once you've posted your app, get in contact with one of our officers (listed at the end of this post) ingame or in vent.  It is up to you to get in contact with us.  If you expect us to throw purples at you, put in the effort to talk to us.
* Expect your app to be trolled by both former(SN Alumnus) and current members.  There's no way around it.  If you can't handle being called bad/stupid/etc by people who possibly don't even play the game anymore, you probably won't survive in the guild.
* Stay active in your app thread.  We like people who post on the forums.  If an officer asks you something in your app thread, you should respond.
* Once you've contacted an officer, we will try to get you into a raid for evaluation.  After we've taken you to a couple raids and/or determined that you're not awful, you will be invited to the guild with the rank of Barelyguilded.  If you continue to perform well for a few weeks, you will be promoted to full member.  More ranks are available, which you will be able to read about in our private forums once you have been accepted as an applicant.
* ???
* Profit!

You may contact our officers via Ventrilo or by whispering us ingame.

Our ventrilo info is:
Port: 6911
Password: leave empty

Our officers are:

Diet Officers:

Application Template

** Cut and Paste **

1.  What is your gender, age, and real first name?

2.  What is the name, class, level, and spec of your main and Armory Link. Please also list any alts you frequently play.

3.  Give us an idea of your prior raid experience in WoW.

4.  Please list your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them.  If you'd prefer to keep the reasons private, please PM the reasons to one of our officers.

5.  Please list any members of Serenity Now that you know.

6. Computer Hardware and Connection.

a. Processor:
b. System Ram:
c. Video Card:
d. Connection:
e. How stable is your internet? Does it disconnect you a lot, or hardly ever?

7.  Do you have a microphone to talk on Ventrilo?

8.  Can you make all of the following raid times, invites usually go out at 7:00 PM CST (Server Time) with the first pull at 7:30 PM CST. (Our raids generally last 3-4 hours)?

* 7:30 PM CST Monday
* 7:30 PM CST Tuesday
* 7:30 PM CST Thursday
9.  If you could describe yourself in 3 expletives, what would they be?  If you don't know what an expletive is, look it up.  Friendly, dedicated, and prepared are not expletives.


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