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on: February 15, 2011, 09:55:30 AM 1 General / Public General / Re: HAPPY EARLY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

I confess my love to my cat for being so human-like and pretend to be well-behaved while hitler uhh
WAHHHHHHHH i wanna get high off of infatuation
I confess my love to this board
I confess my sisterly love for gwynnie
I confess my adoration of cibo
I confess my infatuation with brownieman (Alex) and Az (jackson)
I confess my laughs at Rizen (Ben Bulthius)
Slighter obsessive
Doon hilarious
Pyro (Mike) Chinese
Indira physics teacher
I confess my love for God, because nothing in this world can satisfy us more than God. Because everything is just an infatuation, while God would provide you with knowledge and understanding of what it really is like to be loved.
I confess my love for *not gonna tell* at school
I confess my love to the creator of Naruto for his great work and motivation
I confess my love to *not gonna tell*, for giving me an A even though he's super hard and I switched the second semester but I might have done worse due to lack of enough preparation
I also confess my love for the arts and how it has given me fun creative times
I confess my love for Six Flags Magic Mountain for taking me out of this world
I confess my love to all the people of this world, not for what they've done, but just because God had given his everything, his one and only son whom he loved so dear to such a sinful nation of people.

Yes, I know this is strange. That's because I have a tendency to be partially sarcastic and partially truthful...I'm's just in my nature.


Will you



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